The region around Togo's highest mountain, Mont Agou, lies around 60 miles north of the capital Lomé and the coast. Leaving behind the vibrant and hectic capital, the landscape becomes increasingly green, quiet, and beautiful with every mile. On reaching Kpalimé, the largest town of this region, the dust and noise of the capital seem to have disappeared completely.Kpalimé, nestling amongst densely wooded hills, has been favoured as a tourist and holiday destination because of its temperate climate and lush vegetation since colonial times.


The region around Kpalimé has a mythical atmosphere – mists rising from the hills and mountains, backlit by the rays of the sun, create an ever repeating spectacle of breathtaking beauty. Looking east, from the mountainous region which borders Ghana in the west, rises Mont Agou, at 986 metres the highest mountain in Togo. Like a monolith the mountain rises out of the lush, green plateaux.Numerous stories surround this mountain, told from one generation to the next.