The New Africa stands for self-confident elegance, joie de vivre, and cosmopolitanism.For people who enjoy the sensual delights this exciting continent has to offer, our small, country of Togo and the aroma and taste of our specialities encapsulate West Africa. In Togo, New Africa feels entirely at home.


Our small country produces big taste on the lush slopes of Mont Agou, at 986 metres our highest mountain.Under the canopy of Mango and Teak trees, in our temperate climate, and nourished by rich, moist soil, the very best coffee and cocoa grows into a unique taste profile of the very highest quality.

Under the brand Mont Agou we proudly present some of the finest products The New Africa has to offer. They delight with tastes as vibrant and elegant as the continent.True to the Togolese motto “A good reputation is worth more than a gold belt”, our farmers and their families do everything in their power to preserve the unique taste of the terroir around Mont Agou and share it with gourmets all over the world. Together with our partners in Germany, all traditional family businesses with histories dating back 200 years or more, we process and pack our products to the highest food quality and safety standards. We guarantee freshness by processing little and often, using traditional methods combined with the latest food technology.

Let specialities from Togo seduce you to experience the charm of The New Africa!