MONT AGOU is our single origin coffee from Togo. The beans come from a region around the town Kpalimé, which lies around 60 miles north of the capital Lomé.The wooded hills and temperate climate offer perfect growing conditions for coffee. The first 130 kilograms of coffee were harvested here in 1894, three years later it was already 3010 kg.This particular growing area, or “terroir”, has soil conditioned by the rich humus created from the leafs, bark, and fruits of tropical trees – Mahogany, Acacia, Kapok, Baobab, and wild growing Banana, Mango, and Cocoa. This gives Mont Agou coffee its rich flavour and chocolate-fruit notes.


The beans are compact, substantial, and because of the small growing area a rarity on the market. MONT AGOU - CAFÉ DU TOGO are Robusta beans with an exceptionally mild taste. Our coffee produces wonderful Crema and is particularly suitable for Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Machiato, and Café au Lait.

Our coffee is available in 250 gram, 500 gram, and 1 kg bags, as whole beans, ground coffee and as compostable capsules. To keep your coffee aromatic and fresh, our bags feature aroma vents and innovative zips for easy re-sealing. As we want to offer owners of capsule machines the same unequalled coffee taste experience, we have developed eco capsules for the Nespresso™ system, together with our partners at ecovio™. These capsules are fully biodegradable and filled with freshly roasted coffee at the same frequent intervals as our bags.

After harvest the raw coffee is transported to Lomé where it is washed and packed into traditional jute sacks, then shipped to Hamburg in Germany. Here it is stored in one of the old, traditional coffee ware houses in the port.Regular, small batches of raw coffee are sent to Aachen and our partners XAVIER PLUM. XAVIER PLUM are Germany's oldest coffee roasters and since their foundation in 1820 have continued to roast the highest quality coffee with exclusively traditional methods.

Our MONT AGOU coffee is roasted in a 50 year old Probat drum roaster for 14 – 20 minutes at temperatures below 200 degrees. Roast Master and senior partner at XAVIER PLUM, Jürgen Vogeler, regularly checks and adjusts the roast grade of the beans. This method, in contrast to industrial fast and high temperature roasts, guarantees a thorough roasting of each bean but prevents bitterness. The resulting MONT AGOU coffee is characterised by a rich elegance which is gentle on the stomach whilst delighting the taste buds. As it is always freshly roasted in small batches, it reaches you in perfect taste with every bag or capsule.