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MONT AGOU – Piment du Togo, in its country of origin known as Pili Pili, is often called Birds Eye Chilli. Plants with the botanical name “Capsicum Frutescens” produce small but extremely hot pods which go bright red when ripe. With around 150,000 Scoville Heat Units Piment du Togo counts amongst the very hottest chillies. The extreme heat of Togolese Pili Pili goes hand-in-hand with a pleasant, fruity aroma, reflecting the humus-rich soil of the terroir. The dried pods can be cooked whole, flaked in a mortar, or ground to a powder. Apart from the use in hot, savoury dishes, half a pod of Piment du Togo added to a portion (135 g) of MONT AGOU – 68 Chocolat Chaud will give your Hot Chocolate a delicious, fiery kick!

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