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There are numerous capsule machines for the NESPRESSO™ system, but this masterpiece of Scandinavian design is unique. The solid, chrome-and-steel construction effortlessly takes the spotlight at home or at the office.The compact machine only measures 26 cm (high), 19 cm (wide), and 34 cm (deep), fitting in easily where space is at a premium. The high-quality components are all screwed in and can therefore be repaired or exchanged – as one would expect of a truly premium piece of equipment. We back this up with a two-year guarantee.

This machine is a pleasure to use: “Old School” flick-switches for on/off, knobs and levers to insert and pressure the capsules, it makes it all an experience even before the espresso hits the cup. The easy to insert water tank with integrated handle has a 1.2 l capacity, enough for 30 espressi or 12 – 15 lungi. Pre-programmable espresso or lungi buttons start the brewing process, pushing the steam through the capsules at 19 bar pressure.The drip tray can be inserted at 5 different heights – according to the size of the cup – thereby preventing heat-loss in the flow of coffee into the cup. The drip-tray can be removed completely to accommodate large café au lait cups. With a flip of a lever the used capsule drops into a tray that can hold up to 15 used capsules and can be emptied and cleaned by simply removing the drip tray.


Technical data
Connected load:220 - 240 voltage ~ 50/60 Hz 
Power consumption:1250 - 1450 watts
Operating presure:19 bar
Capacity of water tank:1,2 litres
Filling temperature of water:5° - 45° celsius
Weight:ca. 4 kg
Dimensions in cm:25,9 H x 18,6 W x 33,6 D

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