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The MONT AGOU MILK AND HOT CHOCOLATE FROTHER is the perfect addition to our capsule machine and transforms MONT AGOU CHOCOLAT CHAUD into hot chocolate from another planet! The high-quality, premium steel frother heats and frothes the milk at the same time. Add our MONT AGOU finest dark chocolate drops and the resulting nectar is as far removed from ordinary hot chocolate as Venus is from planet Earth.

The MONT AGOU MILK AND HOT CHOCOLATE FROTHER is very simple to use and easy to clean. It can heat up to 300 ml milk, heat and froth milk, or just froth cold milk in under 3 minutes. It makes 135 ml hot chocolate in one go. The sleek Scandinavian design makes this smart piece of gourmet equipment a joy to use and a pleasure to own.

Technische Daten
Connected load:220 - 240 voltage ~ 50 Hz
Power consumption:500 watts
Content: 300 ml
Weightt:1 kg
Dimensions in cm:20 H x 10 Ø

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Weight: 1260,00 Kg
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